10 Fun Facts About Birthday Celebrations

10 Fun Facts About Birthday Celebrations

We all remember a birthday that holds a special place in our hearts, but I doubt that a birthday celebration costs you over $20 million. Here are ten fun facts about birthday celebrations that you may learn about for the first time.

Historical Birthday Facts

We can thank Germany for giving our children a birthday celebration. Kinderfest is a children’s festival with origins dating back 400 years ago that held birthday celebrations for kids. Additionally, we can thank Germany for creating the birthday cake 200 years ago.

The Egyptians are the originators of the birthday, acknowledging a Pharaoh becoming a god. However, the Ancient Greeks earn credit as the first ones to throw a birthday party for a commoner.

In 1913, Women’s Own Companion magazine wrote about the first-ever gift basket. The article suggested that putting baby items in an arrangement will excite the mother and child. If you are looking for an idea for a birthday gift basket delivery in Toronto, Alexandria Gifts offers a wide assortment of options that fit any birthday theme.

Musical Birthday Facts

While you want to throw a memorable party for a family member or friend, the Sultan of Brunei takes the cake as the best host. In 1996, Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei didn’t hold back, spending over $27 million during a two-week-long celebration. Performances by the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson accounted for most of the budget.

The most famous English-speaking song in the world is the Happy Birthday song. The original song was titled “Good Morning to All,” written by Mildred and Patty Hill. The tune makes around $2 million a year on royalty and licensing fees.

We all enjoy cards with a funny voice and song accompanying them. However, the amount of computing power needed to make those cards work requires more than what was necessary to send a man on the moon.

Shocking Birthday Facts

Sharing a birthday with someone brings excitement. The summer months give a greater possibility of such occurrence. The month of August brings in the most newborns around the world.

There’s a 99 percent probability that someone will share a birthday in a group of at least 57 people. Even though 15 million people celebrate a birthday daily, that statistic is still shocking.

Weighing in over 128,000 pounds, the city of Fort Payne, Alabama, created the world’s largest birthday cake for its centennial celebration. The icing alone weighed over 16,000 pounds.

Are You Normal states that 40 percent of people will snoop around your home during a birthday bash. This fact is more of a warning to hide and lock away all your valuable or embarrassing possessions.

By learning ten fun facts about birthday celebrations, you now know that it’s possible to make a cake that weighs over 58,000 kg—just don’t count those calories.

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