10 Memorable Anniversary Gifts for Couples

10 Memorable Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Anniversaries are essential highlights to celebrate important times and relationships in our lives. One of the best ways to commemorate these crucial memories is with a thoughtful gift. While flowers are a tradition for many, we can think of at least ten memorable anniversary gifts for couples that are much more interesting and enjoyable.

Commission an Art Piece

A simple but fun way many people surprise their loved ones is with a custom piece of art. It's popular to find independent artists and commission those with styles you enjoy. Some great ideas for art pieces are a pet portrait or a couple of sketches. It's easy to send reference images to artists on the sly, so the final piece comes as a total surprise. What's more, a print shop will inexpensively turn digital artwork into custom prints on canvas, metal, and more.

Grow Something Together

If your significant other likes to spend time in the yard, plants always make a lovely gift. Flowers, as well as yard ornaments, are a great and easy-to-find present. Besides this, fruit-bearing plants are an amazing investment in the future garden. Along the same lines, planting trees is a fantastic way to mark a relationship and give back to the yard at the same time.

Choose a Symbolic Decoration

There's no shortage of decorative pieces and wondrous ornaments that will make a home more inviting. Instead of selecting something on a bet they might like it, choose something symbolic. Decide on a statement you want to make about the relationship so far. Boil it down into a few central aspects and select an item that appropriately carries the message. The item won't just be a decoration piece, but rather will gain new life as a symbol of love.

Commemorate the Day With a Personalized Gift

Jewelry and smaller decorations too are great choices among our ten memorable anniversary gifts for couples. Besides just finding a striking piece, though, choose something to customize. Any number of personal objects are customizable today. Clothing, towels, and so on readily accept embroidery. Jewelry is often engraved with dates and messages. Besides this, just about any item is made custom with the addition of an attractive engraved plaque.

Share a Romantic Dinner Together

If your significant other usually does the cooking, simply making a meal for them is not a gift to underestimate. Even if you're not the best cook, it's a nice gesture to order out and take the time to set up a nicer table than usual. What's more, any dinner is made even better with a gourmet gift basket. These beautiful treats are a perfect present to share. Our anniversary gift baskets are available for delivery throughout Toronto. Each is filled to the brim with tasty appetizers and treats exciting to explore before the main course gets underway or for dessert. What's more, many come stock with an exquisite selection of wine and adult beverages to complement any meal.

Start a New Hobby Together

If your loved one is looking for better ways to spend their free time, consider investing in a hobby you can share. From arts and crafts to model-building, there's no shortage of creative pursuits. Besides this, there's also collecting vintage or antique items, which always provides opportunities for outings. Learning a new skill such as a language, cooking, or photography has benefits besides having fun. Finally, if they are interested in health, there's plenty of outdoor and indoor sports and activities to try out. Each potential hobby is full of gadgets, collectibles, and trinkets, and is sure to render plenty of gift ideas for years to come.

Share a Virtual Event

Not every venue is open to the public yet. Despite this, many theaters, cinemas, and sports fields are still holding semi-regular events. A great many of these events are still funded through the sales of virtual tickets. The event is then live-streamed to a closed audience who access the video via a provided portal or log in. Enjoy a new show, live play, or exciting game, all from the comfort of your home. It's a great way to support the local community and venues you care most about. Besides that, it's a great way to plan and enjoy a relaxing date night.

Gift Them With a Relaxing Evening

One of the best ways to show your gratitude and love is to give them something to help them relax. We all need quiet time and a gentle reminder to put time into self-care. A simple way to do that is with a spa basket. Each is packed full of aromatic and exquisite soaps, lotions, and cremes. They'll love adding these luxury goods into their everyday routine and especially for special occasions. Few things are as peaceful as a long hot bath with plenty of suds and a rich and soothing scent wafting up around you.

Snuggle Up With a New Movie or Game

If tickets are out of the question or nothing much is afoot when the anniversary date rolls around, there's still plenty of options. Simply seek out a new movie they've mentioned they'd love to see. If you're not into collecting DVDs or Blu-ray, simply find the film or show on YouTube or your local library's stream vault and lock and load your account ahead of time. Alternatively, you could always demo a new streaming service by gifting them a few months’ access. If they're a video or board gamer, a night playing a new game is always fun, too.

Shower Them in Decadent Treats

If your significant other enjoys quality treats or chocolate, we have plenty of perfect options. Our various gift baskets include a wonderful collection of cookies and candies. Explore our top-quality selections together as the perfect dessert after a romantic evening together. Discover new favorites among excellent handcrafted and name brand chocolates and pastries, both from American and amazing imported artisans. Finally, many baskets include adult beverages to pair perfectly with our selection of tasty treats. Truly, this is the perfect complement to any celebration or a quiet evening spent together.

10 Memorable Anniversary Gifts for Couples

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