10 Reasons Why Gift Baskets Make the Perfect Corporate Gifts

gift basketGifts are a great way to say “Thank you” and celebrate holidays, birthdays, and work anniversaries. There’s never a wrong time for a gift. In the business world, it can be tough to figure out what’s appropriate as a corporate gift. That doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel and forget gifts. Gifts are an important part of team bonding and a healthy corporate culture. Our ten reasons why gift baskets make the perfect corporate gifts are a welcome relief to the question of, “What can I give my employees?” Let’s take a look.

Why Give Gifts?

Culture in a corporation is important. Without a plan to create the culture you hope for, employees are left feeling taken for granted and unenthusiastic to work for your company. Culture is more than gifts. It’s how employees feel when they walk in the door, or how connected they feel when working remotely. The culture brings feelings of trust and transparency, or just the opposite—a lack of trust and a need to hide things.

Gifts can’t fix everything, but a company that cares and encourages a healthy corporate culture understands there is a time for gifts and that it’s important to remember employees.

Here are a few reasons to give gifts to employees. Some companies are too large to gift for all these occasions, but they are simply ideas to get you started:

  • Birthdays
  • Work anniversaries
  • Thank you
  • Holidays (Christmas, Valentine’s Day)
  • Goals met

Your company may find its own unique reason for gifts, and that’s what makes your company culture special. No matter the reason, employees notice and appreciate the extra effort. Now, let’s look at why gift baskets are the quickest and best way to fulfill the need for corporate gifts.

What’s a Gift Basket?

A gift basket contains just about anything, which is what makes them so great. They often incorporate some sort of theme and contain a few to several items in a container (maybe a box or a basket). In addition, gift baskets are conveniently wrapped up and ready to give.

Please Everyone

Because of the flexibility and unlimited possibilities, a gift basket is likely to please just about everyone. Even if there’s one item included that someone may not use, there will likely be items they’re thrilled to have.

We All Love Food

A popular item or type of gift basket is the food gift basket—because who doesn’t love food? The best thing is the flexibility of a food basket. The themes are endless. Here are a few fun ideas:

  • An Italian theme with pasta sauce, pastas, and olive oil.
  • Charcuterie basket with a small board, cheeses, meats, and fruit.
  • Movie night with popcorn, bottled soda, and candy.
  • Date night with wine and candles.
  • Pampering basket with lotions, candles, and fine chocolates.

You get the idea. Depending on what your team is about, gift basket food themes are a lot of fun to come up with.

Cost Savings

When bought in bulk, gift baskets are a cost savings to the company, which is one of the best reasons gift baskets make the perfect corporate gifts. Gift baskets offer an opportunity to show employees they’re thought of with multiple gifts in one. Trying to purchase something different for everyone and in such quantities is difficult and expensive.

Office Smiles

When the entire office receives their gift basket, you can bet on having a cheerful atmosphere in the office. Even if only one person is recognized that day, the beautiful basket will serve as a reminder that they work for a company that cares. They’re noticed, and they’re not just a number.


As mentioned, a gift basket is versatile and easily customized. Those with special diet needs are accommodated, and baskets can cater toward any occasion. Have fun with it and get creative to show your employees you know them, you’ve listened, and you appreciate them.


A gift basket, even premade and ordered, is an easy way to add a personal touch to a gift for an employee or employees. Before giving the basket to someone, add a personal note or a small gift that has a special meaning for your employee. Those small touches, along with a fun basket of goodies, make the gift even more meaningful.

East Gift Giving

Because a gift basket comes ready to go, it’s easy to keep a storage closet full of them and grab when needed. Surprise your staff after an extra difficult week of completing tasks with a “Thank you” basket that’s ready to go. Or, cheer up an employee when they’ve gotten some bad news at home but made it work anyway.

Delivered To the Office

Gift giving is important to you, but frustration comes when there’s little time to shop for gifts. Another wonderful aspect of giving gift baskets is having them delivered right to the office so you can hand them out. You can even have gift baskets delivered directly to employees’ homes, eliminating yet another step.

All Wrapped Up

Have you ever spent time gift shopping and laid everything out at home to look at the fun gifts you bought, only to realize you have no way to wrap them? Gift baskets take wrapping out of the equation, since they come wrapped up and ready to go. In the corporate world, the goal is to eliminate as many steps as possible to get things done efficiently. There isn’t extra time for things like gift wrapping.

Gift Baskets Are Fun

Personally, we don’t think any other reason is needed — receiving and giving a gift basket is just plain fun. They are presented beautifully, usually with a clear wrapping, so the receiver gets a peek into what’s inside. Then as they’re opened, a basket showers the recipient in multiple thoughtful gifts.

Keep your company running smoothly and show your employees you care by going the extra mile with thoughtful gifts. Put yourself in your employees’ shoes, and you’ll easily come up with reasons to have gift baskets ready to go when it’s time to show thoughtfulness.

Alexandria Gifts is here to help. We create executive gift baskets to make corporate gift giving easy. Contact us or browse our online gift basket shop, and we’ll help you find the right gift basket for your special employees.

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