5 Tips for Planning a Family Reunion This Summer

5 Tips for Planning a Family Reunion This Summer

There’s nothing more important than family, and the chance to reconnect with those you might not have seen for years is nothing short of special. Therefore, family reunions are wonderful and, after the long year everyone has had, this summer is the perfect time to have one. If you are into that idea, take down some of these tips for planning a family reunion this summer.

Ask the Family

Before you move forward with any plans, it’s best to check in with your family members and plan a time that works best for everyone. This may take some time if you have family members that you have not seen for years. In that case, you might have to hunt them down on social media. Not only is asking family a common courtesy, this ensures enough people can make it. It also allows family members to make travel arrangements since some might live in different states or countries.

Find the Perfect Location

Next up, you will want to figure out where to host it. Perhaps you want to choose somewhere everyone can go. Finding a location is one of the first things you will want to nail down because this will dictate what you can do at your reunion.

Decide On Some Fun Activities

When you are choosing a location, think about some of the activities you can do. For instance, if you are by a body of water, think about renting a boat or wave runners. You may also want to set up some small activities, like ice breakers, to make everyone comfortable and set the stage for a fun time.

Plan the Menu

No event is complete without food, and it’s another thing you will need to think about as you plan the family reunion. Plan out each meal for the family reunion, whether you want to make the food yourself or eat at a restaurant. Don’t forget to include different dining options because the last thing you want is for a family member to feel left out.

Make It Memorable

The last tip for planning a family reunion this summer is to make it memorable. Now, that may sound like a tall order, but it’s possible. An awesome location, great food, and fun activities are a great start, but you can take it one step further. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures and consider getting shirts for the event too. With Alexandria Gifts, you can also start the event off on the right foot with thoughtful gift baskets from Toronto with same-day delivery, so there’s less stress leading up to the reunion!

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