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Gift Baskets are an easy and exceptional gifting option for any holiday or event. A collection of exciting and decadent treats is such a simple and fun way to tailor a personalized sentiment in to the gift giving experience. This is where a company like Alexandria Gifts Toronto shines! We love working with our customers to help create sentimental, professional and customized Gift Baskets for any special event. We pride ourselves in being able to help curate beautiful and memorable gifts for our customers with a wide selection of thematic gifts to choose from and many options for further customization. Learning how to choose the perfect gift is difficult, but adding that little extra touch of love and care can really made a big difference. Here are some tips to help you decide the best gifts for any occasion -


Holiday Gift Baskets


Holiday gift baskets are a no-brainer with Alexandria Gifts! A wide array of thematic holiday gifts is just one click away. Shopping online is easier than ever and our customer service is always available and ready to help you at any step in the process. Navigate our website today to find memorable, breath-taking gift baskets tidily organized in to holiday-specific categories. Upcoming holidays are always showcased with an easy-to-find link right on the main page. Don't see the holiday you are looking for? Let us know! New holidays, themes and events are being added all the time. Browse now to get a head start on finding the perfect gift for your next Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's, Christmas, Easter or any other occasion. You'll be sure to find the finest quality treats that are perfect for any special event, including cheeses, chocolates, wines, fresh fruits, handmade cookies and many local artisan specialities!


Don't Forget to Make it Personal


Without the loving touch of personalization, even a gorgeous Gift Basket can feel like any other old gift. This is why Alexandria Gifts has so many options for personalizing your Gift Baskets. Start off by selecting the Gift Basket best suited for the recipient and occasion - but don't be afraid to customize! If your recipient is a coffee-lover, choose to have a few monogrammed coffee mugs or a Starbucks gift card included with your basket. Is your recipient an avid home entertainer? Choose to add wine, cocktail coasters or movies to your basket. Alexandria Gifts also offers a complimentary gift card with every basket and encourages you to write a heartfelt customized note with every purchase. The choices for customizations are practically limitless and you can contact us at any time explore your options!


You Don't Have to Stick to a Theme!


Having a theme for your basket is great fun, but don't let it limit you! The real beauty of a Gift Basket is that you can add anything to it, so don't be scared to stray away from your theme if it means adding a special treat you know your recipient will love. It's perfectly acceptable to add their favourite beauty products to a chocolate-themed basket, or a bunch of flowers and a good book to a wine-themed basket. We receive special requests for additional items and customized changes ALL THE TIME and we are happy to oblige! Helping you put together your perfect customized Gift Basket is what Alexandria Gifts does best!


Pay Attention to the Size of Your Items


The perfect Gift Basket contains a good mixture of big, medium and small sized items. By filling a basket with only large, bulky, boxy items it can become difficult to display them elegantly within the Gift Basket. Similarly, a Gift Basket loaded with a bunch of tiny items and trinkets can end up with some of the special treats being buried and lost at the bottom. If you are unsure about the size or capacity of one of our baskets, or if a certain custom addition will be a nice fit, our professional curators are always available to offer advice and help you choose the best items for any Gift Basket!


Choose a Variety of Materials and Textures


Just like the importance of item size, the variety of materials and textures can make a big difference. A good mixture of soft, hard, boxy, fabric, metal and glass can really make an enormous impact on the overall elegance of a Gift Basket. Let your creativity go wild and aim to put together an eclectic and whimsical collection of goodies. The more interesting shapes and textures you can fit in a basket the more eye-catching and compelling it will look for the recipient!



From celebrating the birth of a new baby to celebrating a corporate milestone, Alexandria Gifts Toronto has the selections and customization you need to make your gift the best it can be. All Gift Baskets are loaded with beautiful bounties and gourmet delicacies including everything from fresh fruits and home-made cookies to decadent chocolates and wine. Contact us now and explore your gifting options!


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