Celebrate Chinese New Year Together !

The Chinese New Year, also known as The Spring Festival, is a global annual event celebrated by over a billion people that happens on a different date every year. Usually it falls on a day between the middle of January and the middle of February. This is because the Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calender which follows the cycles of the moon where months begin with each new moon phase. This Chinese New Year is on February 12 and with this begins the start of a traditional 15 day celebration that includes fireworks, dancing, gift giving and feasts. Join Alexandria Gifts this season to dawn in the year of the Ox and celebrate the Chinese New Year with beautiful traditional gifts ready to send to your friends and family – just a simple click away!


Alexandria Gifts thrives on customer feedback, and it became quickly apparent to us that there was a growing demand for Spring Festival baskets. Toronto is host to dozens of massive Chinese New Years events across the city each year, with a growing population of Canadians celebrating the event, it was time for us to take part. After receiving many requests from our loyal customers to include a Chinese New Year gift basket category, we have finally designed a line of luxurious Spring Festival baskets!


Like all Alexandria Gift baskets, the contents of each Chinese New Year gift basket are hand picked by professionals from Toronto's wide assortment of beautiful premium-quality items and the finest local artisan goods. With the utmost care and respect to the individuals and cultures that celebrate the lunar new year, we have packed our gift baskets with the most exclusive and traditional goodies available in Toronto. Within our selection you will find a beautiful assortment of extravagant goodies, adorned with vibrant traditional golden and red colours. We offer everything from conventional baskets loaded with authentic Chinese teas, red envelopes, fruits and good luck coins and treats, to modern festive baskets packed with decadent chocolates and luxurious wines. We are confident you will find the perfect basket for anybody on your Lunar New Year list!


Alexandria Gifts is forever taking steps forward to expand our selection and grow in positive ways with our wonderful community. We look forward to continuing the development of our brand with more events and festivities to commemorate with our fellow Canadians. It remains our goal and our passion to help you all to spread love and appreciation for one another through the simple act of gift giving. We thank you for all your feedback and support and we hope to find more ways to celebrate with you in the future!

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