Christmas Shopping 2020 - A Different Gifting Experience

It's that time of the year again, cozy sweater weather and festive city décor are here to brighten up the covid blues this holiday. Alexandria Gifts understands that family get-togethers, Christmas parties and holiday events may not be a reality for Canadians this Christmas 2020. Thankfully, there are still many ways to spread holiday cheer to your loved ones! Our holiday gift basket selection is ready to browse with our new, easier than ever pick-and-click online store. Select a beautiful Christmas gift basket for those you wont be able to visit this holiday, and have it shipped to anybody in Toronto/GTA for free!

Prepare to be filled with merry holiday vibes by our large selection of Christmas treats and decadent holiday favourites. From generous, full spreads of dazzling gourmet goodies that will spoil a whole family to economical personalized elegant gifts for your favourite friend, our holiday selection will surely inspire you! With our large catalogue of beautiful Christmas baskets, you'll be able to find something for any price range for everybody on your Christmas list.

Shop Online - Keep Your Loved Ones And Yourself Safe

Shop Online - Keep Your Loved Ones And Yourself Safe


One basket we are sure is going to be a big hit this year is our Exclusive Holiday Gift Basket. This sophisticated golden bundle is guaranteed to conquer any corona concerns and leave the recipients overjoyed! Make somebody feel like royalty this holiday season by sending them a wealth of gourmet, high-end delicacies presented in a gorgeous container finished with a golden holiday greeting. From Pirouline's premium cream filled artisan rolled wafers to Godiva's exquisite, roasted buttery whole cashews covered in milk chocolate, you are sure to satisfy the sweet tooth of the kings and queens on your list!

Holiday Champagne Gift

For a more romantic route this Christmas 2020, we highly recommend the Holiday Champagne Gift. Turn up the heat on a festive holiday night with this whimsical luxury date night in an exquisite golden basket. Stay safe and indoors this winter and curl up by the fire with a bottle of quality Blue Nun 24k gold Champagne and all the sensual fancy treats you need to make for a romantic special night with your holiday sweetheart. This perfect, stylish ensemble of dreamy treats is sure to swoon your loved ones.

Magic Holiday Gift Basket

Anybody would be lucky to receive the fun and stylish Magic Holiday Gift Basket this Christmas! Perfectly suitable for family, friends or corporate events, it is loaded with an assortment of fancy gourmet holiday delights. You can say Merry Christmas from a safe social distance and have this beautiful holiday basket of traditional festive goodies delivered to anybody on your list this Christmas. Caramel Crunch Truffles, Mary Mcleod's delicious shortbread cookies and more – it's the perfect assortment of extravagant snacks to make somebody's holiday season a hit.

Metropolitan Champagne Gift

For those looking for the real pièce de résistance we also offer gift baskets of grand luxurious magnitude. The Metropolitan Champagne Gift Basket is an absolutely astounding assortment of only the most high end, local and opulent delicacies. Shower loved ones in a mosaic of premium gourmet products, from the very classy Moet and Veuve Clicquot, to the refined delights of rustic Italian breadsticks and high end Belgian chocolates. This basket is practically overflowing with sensational festive delectables that your loved ones will be able to cherish over the whole holiday season.


Don't let the uncertainty and unpredictability of this winter 2020 holiday season get you down. There are so many ways to send your love to family and friends from safe social distances. This Christmas may be a little bit different than previous years, so we're here to help you fill it with as much love and positive vibes as ever before. Alexandria Gifts is dedicated to making this crazy covid Christmas season joyful and jolly!

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