Sometimes thinking up meaningful gifts for fathers day can be tough! There are dozens of clichés to fall back on, from golfing and fishing gear and six-packs of beer. While we can be sure that any father who plays a round of gold every weekend would be more than happy to receive a brand new club, sometimes it’s nice to make our gifts a little more personal.

Handmade crafts, gift baskets and personalized items are growing in popularity over the years. A simple search for gift ideas will show us a flourishing market for items with personalized flares like engravings, portraits or special custom messages.

There are so many ways to personalize your fathers day gifts!

Monogrammed bags and boxes can be a simple way to add a luxurious and loving touch to any hobby. Shaving kit bags, sports bags, humidors, instrument cases and travel bags can all be given sleek and professional looking personalized details. The best part of this trending gift concept is how widely available these services are. There are hundreds of shops online and many places in your local city where you can bring existing bags and cases and have them personalized, and many stores where you can order them new.

The DIY savvy can easily accomplish some professional looking personalized upgrades on their own too! If DIY is not your thing, Etsy is filled with crafters who are selling hundreds of beautiful items and gift ideas, and many of them offer personalizing options!

Gift Baskets for your Dad

Gift baskets are another excellent way to add a personal feeling to any gift. Not only can you find gift baskets filled with very thematic and niche products to suit your dads interests, but you can also find baskets stocked with items that just about everybody appreciates!

This Fathers Day weekend get your dad something special and unique. Alexandria Gifts is offering gift baskets aimed to swoon any father on his special day. The “Italian Chef” basket for the cooking lover, the “Wine Gourmet” basket for the lover of high end sweets and wine, or a beautiful basket loaded with chocolate and treats, a perfect match for any father!

If you are looking for a classic gift idea this fathers day with a unique and personal touch, Alexandria gifts has you covered. Send the special man in your life a warm and stylish gift, loaded with his favourites, and complete with a beautiful personalized message just for him.

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