Gift Basket Ideas For New Moms

Your loved one just carried a baby around in their stomach for nine months, and has since delivered a special bundle into the world. After months of stress and labour, plus a few more to come, new moms are more than deserving of a little love, attention, and spoiling.

But rather than narrowing down your gift options to one or two items, why not offer her an experience? With gift baskets in Toronto, you can fill your basket to the brim with dozens of small goodies and treats for her to turn to in the days and weeks to come.

Looking for a few ideas to add to the ultimate new mom gift basket? We’ve got you covered!

5 Gift Basket Ideas For New Moms

Postpartum Essentials

These may not be the most luxurious items to add to the basket, but any new mom will be grateful to see them included. Their body just went through an incredible but difficult process, so it’s going to need a little extra tender care.

Items like a peri bottle, medicated wipes, or even some padsicles can go a long way in helping their postpartum body feel a bit more comfortable. Plus, some first-time moms may not have planned for what happens after the birth, so delivering these items may just be a lifesaver.

Subscriptions to Streaming Services

On the off chance that the new mom in your life doesn’t already have Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, or any of the other streaming services, now’s the time to invest. By including a subscription to the service of your choice, you can be sure your loved one will be kept entertained during those late-night feedings.


What’s a Toronto gift basket without snacks? Whether it be a gift card to their favourite coffee shop or some tasty treats like chocolates or cookies, feel free to throw in as many snacking options as you want. Including a small comfort/luxury item may make all the difference during a long day.

Simple Beauty Products

New moms rarely have the time to spend on themselves, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t feel at least human. Simple products like dry shampoo or nipple butters can help your loved one feel more fresh and rejuvenated.

Reading Material

Whether the new mom in your life wants to read to themselves or to the baby, it’s always nice to have some easy reading material around. Consider including a fun beach read or a lighthearted magazine to give your loved one something to engage their mind after countless sleepless nights.

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