Healthy Food Gifts Ideas

Health food fads have been trending for many years now, so it's no surprise that the world of healthy snack foods has hundreds of exciting and delicious treats for us to indulge upon. Whether you are a veteran of daily health and fitness goals or you're jumping on the healthy choices bandwagon for the first time, Alexandria Gifts is here to help you explore the growing world of healthy treats and snacks.


With the dawn of a new year just two months behind us and the aftermath of a health crisis pandemic still shadowing our desire to get back to normal life – it makes sense that more Canadians are thinking about making healthy choices. Alexandria Gifts understands that the transition between lusting for junkfood and trying healthier alternatives can be scary and daunting, but there are a surprising amount of heavenly, indulgent options available! This is why Alexandria Gifts is dedicated to providing healthier choices and alternatives in our exciting new selection of Healthy Gift Baskets.


Fruits and veggies are the staples of a healthy diet, but that doesn't mean that you're limited to a plate of carrot sticks every time you want an afternoon snack. Dried fruits and veggies can be used in a number of fun and exciting ways, from crunchy chips to tender morsels of sweetness in an organic cookie or cracker. Making healthy snack food choices has never been easier with so many local artisans and Canadian companies making progressive changes and delivering these exquisite products with our health in mind. From granolas to nut mixes, vegetable chips and more, we've been exploring these delectable fruit and veggie options and have found many intriguing items to bring to our customers. Alexandria gifts is endlessly inquiring with local businesses to find the most fitness-friendly treats for our gift baskets to bring you healthy, organic gift baskets loaded with unique and luxurious treats that push the boundaries of what you thought possible for snacking!


Organic foods have been growing in popularity for a long time now and Alexandria Gifts is excited to offer a large variety of some of the most elegant organic snack options available. Certified organic foods are always grown with consumer health in mind, are often richer in nutrients and offer better health benefits than their industrially grown alternatives. This is because organic foods are heavily regulated to contain less (or no) harmful chemicals and preservatives, are grown in smaller batches and handled with more love and care. Let's not forget the added benefit of knowing that organic farming is better for the environment, less pollutant, and helps maintain healthy soil and pollinator populations!


Making smarter food choices isn't all about opting out of a chocolate treat in exchange for a piece of fruit. A healthy and smart food choice can be as simple as ensuring that you are buying local, fresh, organic products and supporting businesses in your community. Looking for ingredients grown in local soils that are not monocultured for industrial exports and don't pollute your air and waterways is a prime example of a way to take your health in to consideration when buying your next snack.


Alexandria Gifts is thrilled to pioneer the Toronto gift basket industry with competitively priced and healthy gift basket choices, absolutely loaded with delectable goodies! Make the smart and healthy choice next time you need the perfect gift for any holiday or event, and browse our brand new selection of healthy gift baskets. Both you and your recipient will be able to indulge in snackfood bliss, knowing that you are supporting local, smart food choices and helping to make a positive health-smart choice for our whole community.

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