Feng Shui-Inspired Housewarming Gift Ideas for Positive Energy

Transitioning to a new home signifies a big step in our lives. You will need to adapt to different life alterations, such as meeting new folks, getting to know fresh paths, locating trustworthy shops, and possibly adopting novel traditions!

Leaving behind what you are accustomed to can be rather tough. It is essential to aid pals and kinfolk gearing up to relocate, making their shift somewhat easier. A good approach to demonstrate your concern for a friend caught up in a chaotic move is by presenting them with a welcoming gift for their new home.


If you are considering a housewarming gift for someone (or even yourself), it is a good idea to choose something that enhances the positive energy in their new home, following the principles of feng shui.

In this post, we have rounded a list of top feng shui gifts for new homes to save you the trouble of scouting through various stores.

  • Scented Candles

  • Fragrances have a big impact on how we feel. They can even help us remember happy moments. When you give your friend a scented candle, it is like wishing them light during tough times. In Feng Shui, a candle symbolizes fire, which can boost their reputation. Since they are meeting new neighbours and need to be more social, candles can help with that too. Candles also bring positive energy to their home.

  • Bath Bombs

  • If your friend who is relocating has a bathtub, consider gifting them a bath bomb. It is a lovely present and provides a soothing experience. With this thoughtful gesture, your buddy will appreciate soaking in their new place. Taking leisurely, warm baths is a great way to relax and find inner peace. It aids in staying in touch with your inner self and achieving life balance.

  • Laughing Buddha

  • The Laughing Buddha represents luck and wealth for many. Typically crafted from materials like jade, brass, bronze, or ceramics, this statue stands about three feet high, featuring a plump belly and a wide grin. Often, it carries a sack of riches on its back.

    It is almost impossible not to grin when you spot a laughing Buddha statue; it radiates positivity. Placing one in your home or workplace serves as a cheerful reminder to invite happiness into your life. Consequently, this fortunate symbol makes an ideal present for enthusiasts of Feng Shui or Chinese traditions.

  • Lucky Bamboo

  • The lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) ranks among the world's most favoured and fortunate plants. People view it as a symbol of good luck, financial success, and a vibrant life. Many also associate it with bringing good fortune to their homes or workplaces.

    Beyond its symbolic significance, the bamboo plant has a scientific aspect. It can enhance air quality by emitting negative ions, which have a calming effect on stress.

    Thoughtful Gift Basket

    When selecting a bamboo plant, opt for a vigorous one without any brown or yellow leaves. These discoloured leaves may indicate stagnant energy and potential misfortune. In Chinese culture, the number of bamboo stalks given holds specific significance. For instance, gifting 8 stalks symbolizes wealth and prosperity, a desire most people cherish.

  • Pineapple

  • A pineapple makes a great gift for any special moment to bring good luck to the recipient. Pineapples stand for friendship, and they are a favoured gift among Chinese folks. So, if you get a pineapple as a gift, it is a sign of good luck and future blessings.

    You can gift a pineapple in various ways, either on its own or with extra treats like chocolates, nuts, or dried fruits. Alternatively, you might consider a crystal pineapple, which not only adds charm to your home but also represents good fortune.

  • Vase With Flowers

  • In Chinese culture, it is common to offer vases, known as "Hua Ping," as gifts when someone moves into a new home. This is because the word for vase sounds like "peace" and symbolizes bringing harmony and calmness to the household. So, when you give a vase, make sure to include some lucky flowers inside instead of leaving it empty. This gesture conveys your care for the person and your wish for their new home to be filled with peace.

    Avoid gifting white flowers, especially white chrysanthemums, as they are primarily associated with funerals.

  • Tea and Teaware

  • Tea is enjoyed by many around the globe, yet it is often linked to the East. The origins of tea can be traced back thousands of years to China, where people have sipped it to feel better. Chinese folks found that tea leaves have helpful antioxidants when brewed and drunk. So, if tea benefits your health, gifting tea is like giving the gift of well-being.

  • Hanging Crystals

  • Lovely crystal decoration is ideal for suspending in your sunny window. When sunlight shines through it, the way the light bends on the crystal is quite delightful in the morning. According to Feng Shui, crystals are believed to attract wealth and prosperity, and their eight facets are said to bring eight unique blessings to those who own them. Share these glass crystal spheres with your friends to wish them good fortune in financial matters!

  • Bagua Mirror

  • A Bagua mirror helps keep away bad energy from strangers. Tell your friend to put it outside the front door of their new home, not inside. This shows they want to live peacefully with the world and not hurt the people in their new home.

  • Wealth Symbols

  • Giving a symbol of wealth as a housewarming gift is a surefire way to bring joy to the recipient. These gifts convey the good wishes and blessings of friends and guests.

    Anyone receiving the gift of wealth from their guests would be pleased. Some commonly chosen wealth symbols are wealth ships, money bowls, gem crystal trees, and more.

  • Fruit Basket

  • Fruit baskets make for a thoughtful and traditional gift that symbolizes lasting health and energy.

    When young couples start their new life together in a new home, a fruit basket filled with fruits abundant in seeds can symbolize hope for a growing family. It is no wonder that their parents would be delighted to receive such a gift, expressing their eagerness for grandchildren.

    After all, a young couple moving into a new house typically means they have more private space for intimacy, which increases the likelihood of starting a family.

    Some fruits associated with fertility and commonly included in such fruit baskets are pomegranates, melons, and dates. It is advisable to avoid giving pears, as they are sometimes considered inappropriate gifts in this context.

  • Salt

  • Salt makes a great, old-fashioned housewarming present that's handy in any home. It stands for wishing good taste and excitement in your life. You can also add some herbs and spices to this gift idea.

    These thoughtful gifts will surely bring joy to the new homeowners. If you're looking for more gift ideas, consider a handcrafted key holder, a lovely artificial flower display, a tea and cookies gift set, or housewarming gift baskets in Toronto that are filled with various stuff that bring good luck to new homeowners.

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