Kosher Gift Baskets

The online gift industry is booming, especially in the wake of lifestyle changes brought about by pandemic health concerns. We are very proud that Alexandria Gifts has continued to thrive and grow as a service to help our fellow Canadians during these trying times. As we continue to develop our brand, we see it as our duty to follow gifting trends and explore new and exciting niches to give our customers more options and flexibility in their online shopping experience. Our business is built on the foundation of creating gifts that are fitting for all occasions and it is our goal to fulfil the gifting needs of all our prospective customers!


It is with these goals in mind that Alexandria Gifts is honoured to announce our new online gift basket shopping category – Kosher Gift Baskets.


Alexandria Gifts proudly presents the Kosher Gift Basket category to our growing line-up of beautiful gift baskets. We understand the importance of expanding our gift categories to be more inclusive to the many wonderful communities within our beautiful city of Toronto and beyond. After great consideration and research we are now finally able to offer stunning gift baskets filled with high quality kosher goods. All products contained within these beautiful kosher-friendly gift baskets are 100% certified kosher and come from trusted local companies and shops that cater to these needs. Alexandria Gifts understands the importance of adhering to the guidelines of cleanliness, purity and quality in kosher foods and we are confident that you will find our professionally curated baskets to be filled with responsible and delicious selections! We are offering luxury high end kosher wines and gourmet quality salty and sweet snacks, from local artisan kosher crackers to delectable premium kosher chocolates! You'll find everything you need to celebrate any occasion that demands exquisite kosher treats!


Now you can find the perfect selection of gifts for any Jewish Festival, or any friends or family that require kosher-friendly options. Alexandria Gifts is now your go-to online resource for Hanukkah Gift Baskets, Purim Gift Baskets, Rosh Hashanah Gift baskets and any other Yom Tov you might need a bounty of delicious kosher treats for! Now you have the ability to send Kosher Gift Baskets filled with local premium quality treats and confections to your friends, family and businesses with our simple pick-and-click online store! Kosher-friendly gifting in Toronto has never been easier.


Online shopping is becoming more popular every year, and we are thrilled to be a part of this change. Whether you need to send a gorgeous gift basket for a business event, a house warming or a Rosh Hashanah, Alexandria Gifts is your #1 choice for online gifts in Toronto GTA!

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