The Best Gift Basket Ideas for Easter

Spring has sprung! Easter ushers in a time of renewal that will have others ready to start fresh. Yet, thinking of what would be the best gift basket can leave you feeling fresh out of ideas. Finding Easter gift baskets in Toronto can feel much like a difficult Easter egg hunt. We will make your search easier and give you the best Easter gift basket ideas to get you started!

All Chocolate Gift Basket

All Chocolate Gift Basket

Chocolate is practically an Easter staple. An Easter basket is incomplete without one solid chocolate bunny and a bounty of chocolate eggs. The beauty behind chocolate being the focus is by being able to curate whatever chocolate to include. You can easily add all your loved ones' favourite chocolates all in one place. How can they not love a treasure trove of their favourites? It’s simultaneously thoughtful and delicious!

Savoury Delights Gift Basket

Not everyone loves chocolates - much less candy too. So what can you put instead? Try compiling savoury treats! There are several savoury goods you can choose from that you can add. Popular items you can include can be gourmet cheeses, pretzels, artisanal crackers, popcorn, and more! If no one has a nut allergy, you can also add various nuts like trail mix.

Plush Lovers Gift Basket

Easter is a popular holiday among children. Nothing delights a child more than receiving a plush toy. However, some adults are still young at heart. Adults that still melt at the sight of a stuffed animal would certainly enjoy it. A stuffed animal makes for a cute and cuddly addition to an Easter basket. It not only makes a great Easter basket idea but also a longstanding gift that's cherished. 

Coffee Lovers Gift Basket

Do you know what pairs well with chocolate? Coffee! We know coffee seems like an unconventional inclusion in an Easter basket - but hear us out! There are many out there that like to have a good ol’ cup of Joe to start their mornings. Premium coffee is always a treat to coffee lovers or even adding their favourite coffee brand is sure to be appreciated. It’s a small gesture that can act as a thoughtful reminder before they begin their day. 

Wine Connoisseurs Gift Basket 

The adults in your life will appreciate this in their Easter basket - especially parents. After a long day of Easter festivities, a gift basket with a lovely bottle of wine would be a great way to unwind. Plus, not everyone treats themselves to good wine, and sometimes it’s hard to come by. It’s a bit of a pricier inclusion, but seeing a fancy wine would be a pleasant surprise to find in any adult's Easter basket!

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