The Dos and Don’ts of Baby Shower Gifting

The Dos and Don’ts of Baby Shower Gifting

The best part of a baby shower is the gifts. Who doesn’t love receiving the cutest gifts that make us smile? Do your part in making a loved one’s baby shower perfect by remembering the dos and don’ts of baby shower gifting.

The Dos

We’ll start with the dos of baby shower gifting. This is by no means an exhaustive list of dos, but rather some basics that always work.

Make It Personal

If you know the parents well, you have the unique opportunity to add a personal touch. Think of the things kept in a keepsake box from the time you were a baby. Those special ideas can give you some ideas.

Gift Registry

The gift registry is there for a reason. Don’t choose different styles than what’s on it. You may feel mint green sheets are a better choice than yellow, but if yellow is on the registry, go with their choice.

Always include a gift receipt for easy returns and exchanges for the new parent. They’ve got enough on their plate with a new baby.

Diapers and Wipes

Include diapers and wipes every time. No matter the gift you’re giving, babies always need diapers and wipes, and mom or dad is gaining a second career as a diaper supplier. It never hurts, so throw in various sizes for good measure.

Gift Cards

A gift card to a store from the baby registry is always a safe bet. Even better, think of the parents and give restaurant gift cards for those evenings that dinner doesn’t make itself. New parents appreciate this gesture.

The Don’ts

Every positive has a negative, including gift-giving. Here are some baby shower gift ideas to avoid:

Making It Unique

A giant canvas of modern art looks great on your living room wall, but probably not what the new parents want for the baby’s nursery. Stick with what the parents want.

Large Gifts in the Hospital

When bringing large gifts to the hospital, the only thing you’re gifting the new parents is the joy of loading a large item into the car, along with a tired mom and baby. Stick with the shower for large gifts. If you can’t make the shower, have a gift delivered.

Large Sized Clothing

It seems like a nice thought—help the parent or parents stock up on future clothing needs. However, it’s difficult to guess the appropriate size and season so far ahead. If you love shopping for cute baby clothes, use the baby registry to get them the outfits they desire.

The next time you receive a baby shower invitation, remember the dos and don’ts of baby shower gifting. The new parents and baby will thank you.

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