Top 10 Christmas Gift Baskets in Toronto to Spread Holiday Cheer

Top 10 Christmas Gift Baskets in Toronto to Spread Holiday Cheer

As the snowflakes gently blanket the streets of Toronto, the city transforms into a winter wonderland, and the festive spirit comes alive. The holiday season in Toronto is not just a time of chilly winds and warm scarves; it's a season of joy, laughter, and the timeless tradition of giving. The art of gifting reaches its pinnacle with Christmas gift baskets in Toronto — a thoughtful assembly of carefully curated delights that embody the spirit of the season.

1. Holiday Cheer

Send Your Congratulations and Best Wishes

Indulge in the season's warmth with our Holiday Cheer Gift Basket, a tasteful expression of goodwill for family, friends, or colleagues. Get an upgrade from ordinary treats with exquisite Maple Crunch Truffles. The Godiva Chocolate Bar promises an otherworldly chocolate experience, while Lindt's Lindor Chocolate Bag is a blend of flavours, from classic to caramel. Savour the unrivalled crunch of Sea Salt Kettle Chips and elevate your senses with Fraktals Handmade Chocolate — a masterpiece adorned with Belgian milk chocolate and raw cashews. A whimsical Santa Chocolate Figure adds a festive spirit. Carefully placed in an elegant, reusable basket, this gift basket arrives adorned with a bow and a heartfelt greeting card.

2. The Best Holiday 

Thoughtful Gift Basket

With The Best Holiday Gift Basket, immerse your senses in the joy of traditional Italian delights, featuring classic biscotti cookies, a crunchy perfection designed for coffee or tea dunking. Elevate your snack experience with Italian Teralli, a fusion of crackers, breadsticks, and pretzels. The package also includes Lindt's assorted chocolate truffles, a blissful blend of milk, dark and white chocolate, caramel, and pistachio. Complementing these treasures are Belgian assorted pralines featuring flavours like coffee, hazelnut, walnut, and chocolate. This certified European delight comes in a reusable gold textile gift basket, crowned with a Santa chocolate figure, a delectable stocking filler.

3. Christmas Gift for Her 

The Christmas Gift for Her Gift Basket is a delightful ensemble transcending ordinary gifting. Unwrap the charm of Belgian Assorted Pralines, including coffee, hazelnut, walnut, and chocolate. Traditional Sesame Crackers, adorned with salted sesame seeds, add a crisp note to any occasion. Enjoy the richness of Belgian chocolate cookies, a match made in heaven for family gatherings. Two bottles of Brilla Prosecco Champagne, inspired by diamonds, offer notes of apple, pear, and peach, crafting a crisp and refreshing experience. This elegant gift basket, adorned with a Merry and Bright gift card holder, speaks volumes without uttering a word. 

4. Bailey's Gift Box

Savour the sophisticated charm of the Bailey's Gift Box, which features the well-known Baileys Irish Cream — a smooth fusion of creamy, sugary flavours tempered with the subtle aromas of chocolate and vanilla, and concluding in the unique fruitiness of Irish whiskey. Sourced from five family-owned farms in County Cork, Ireland, the cream used in this liqueur ensures an authentic and premium taste. Seasonal treats like strawberries, cream, and pumpkin spice will lift your experience and are proof of Baileys' persistent appeal. Complementing this experience is the Irish Cream Chocolate Truffles, a celebration of Irish excellence.

5. Let It Snow

Let It Snow is a curated selection of holiday delights perfect for gifting joy to family, co-workers, and friends. Handcrafted in the Spudniks kitchens, the Caramel Popcorn boasts a delightful blend of creaminess and crunch. Natural Potato Chips, cooked in avocado oil, promise a guilt-free, preservative-free snacking experience. Traditional Sesame Crackers are perfect for holiday soirées with their crispy charm. The Godiva Chocolate Bar, a heavenly blend of richness and creaminess, adds a sweet note, while Italian Olives and Brie Cheese bring a touch of Mediterranean sophistication. Complete the experience with the luxurious Lindt Milk Chocolate Bar, turning any moment into a decadent celebration.

6. Christmas Gold Gift

Celebrate the season with our Christmas Gold Gift Basket, an ideal addition to festive gatherings that effortlessly brings family and friends together. This tasteful ensemble enhances any meal, a perfect conclusion for those who still manage to find room for dessert. The allure of homemade Danish-style butter cookies, the warmth of Merry Christmas Hot Chocolate, and the exquisite indulgence of Belgian Assorted Pralines delight any food lover. Add a touch of effervescence with Moet Champagne — the quintessential choice for holiday toasts. The Lindor Truffles House Box and the whimsical Santa Chocolate Figure, crafted from Belgian chocolate, finish this exceptional holiday gift.

7. Christmas Gift Box

Made Just For You

Spread the joy of gift-giving with our Christmas Gift Box, a curated ensemble of exquisite delights that epitomizes festive warmth. Unwrap the Lindor Assorted Chocolate Box, a tasteful collection of smooth melting truffles. Revel in the artistry of Fraktals Handmade Chocolate, crafted in small batches, adorned with layers of Belgian milk chocolate and cashew pieces. Complementing these sweet sensations are Italian bread sticks and chocolate shortbread. Top off with a traditional Brie cheese — its creamy texture and mild taste add a refined touch to your memorable gatherings.

8. Magic Holiday
Magic Holiday

Discover the enchantment of holiday giving with the Magic Holiday Gift Basket—a timeless choice for sharing joy with family, friends, or colleagues. Overflowing with cherished seasonal delights, this gift radiates the holiday spirit. Enjoy the crispiness of sesame crackers, perfect for pairing with wine, cheese, or fruits during festive evenings. Relish the French artistry in milk chocolate pralines, a certified treat from France. Unwrap the luxurious Merci Chocolate Bar, a quartet of exquisite delights that melt in the mouth. Taste the richness of handmade shortbread cookies, a legacy recipe from a Canadian bakery. Complete the experience with Russell Stover's Santa Marshmallow, a classic indulgence.

9. Christmas Trees Gift

The Christmas Trees Gift is a curated ensemble of exquisite indulgences. Unwrap a gift box of assorted pralines, a tempting mix of coffee, hazelnut, walnut, and chocolate flavours meticulously crafted in France. Delight in the crisp perfection of traditional sesame crackers — a festive companion for cheese, wine, or quiet holiday evenings. Experience the refined pleasure of a Belgian chocolate box, a testament to Belgium's renowned cocoa mastery. Completing this ensemble is a delectable cheddar cheese spread, all presented in a reusable gift basket, a tasteful gesture that extends beyond the holiday season.

10. Gourmet Ritzy Gift


This exclusive present exudes elegance and style, making it an ideal gesture for that special person. Begin the culinary journey with sesame crackers, a crowd-pleasing prelude to the rich assortment of following delights. Relish the occasion with premium tea, which exudes full taste, freshness, and a beautiful aroma. Handmade shortbread adds rustic charm, making every celebration more scrumptious. Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans provide a smooth pick-me-up, encapsulating the richness of Colombian espresso. Complete with a reusable gift basket, leaving a lasting impression.

As we unwrap the joy of the holiday season, these top Christmas gift baskets in Toronto demonstrate the art of thoughtful gifting. Each basket is a carefully curated ensemble designed to spread holiday cheer and bring smiles to faces. In a world where the simple act of giving speaks volumes, these baskets represent more than just gifts — they embody the spirit of love, warmth, and connection.

This holiday season, let the tradition of giving flourish, and may these meticulously crafted gift baskets bring joy to both the giver and the receiver. Wishing everyone a joyous and festive holiday season filled with love, laughter, and the simple pleasures of sharing. To explore these exquisite gift baskets and more, shop at Alexandria Gift Baskets or call (416) 666-8361.

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