Here in Canada, the Christmas spirit begins when the weather starts to get cold, and holiday festivities generally follow shortly after Remembrance Day. Canadians across the country are planning family activities and feasts, and traveling to spend time with loved ones to enjoy the cozy spirit of the winter holidays together. Store windows, city streets and centers are lit up and adorned with fun Christmas decor. Stores prepare for holiday shoppers with Christmas songs and bright, colourful Christmas atmosphere. Shopping fever is on the way, and it’s time for stores to stock up on all their Christmas goods. This means lots of work for small specialty gift stores!

There’s more to the holidays than Mariah Carey songs on the radio and new iPhones! It’s no surprise that the most memorable and special part of the Christmas holidays are the time you spend with friends and family. In a country as eclectic as Canada, there are so many cultural festivities and practices being cultivated in mixed families and communities. Rather than spending your family time browsing memes on reddit, bring a basket full of special treats for everybody to share and start a new family tradition this year! Put down the phone and have a glass of wine or some fancy gourmet chocolate over good old fashion family conversation!

Holidays Gifts at Alexandria

Just like any other store, Alexandria Gifts is feeling the holiday vibes and is well prepared for Christmas this year! We have gift baskets ranging from $45 up to $300 so you can find something suitable for everybody on your list. We offer free hand-delivery to anybody in Toronto/GTA and all baskets can be shipped same day. We also have very competitive shipping costs across all of Canada.

Who wants to drive across the province on snowy roads anyways? If you can’t make it to a family gathering or can’t travel this Christmas for any reason, send some love with a big gorgeous basket filled with goodies! If you can’t sweeten up the dinner table with your attendance, then perhaps a basket of chocolates and cookies would be a good substitute.



At Alexandria Gifts we take great pride in our relationship with our collaborators and partners and work closely with big companies to make large and wholesale orders. This keeps us very busy over the holidays so please make sure to visit our page for all delivery info and contact us with any questions so we can deliver your holiday orders in a timely manner!

Please also contact us about our free gift basket services.

We regularly create baskets for children and youth with special needs and disabilities as part of a program in association with United Way. We also work closely with various long-term care and retirement homes to provide gift baskets for the elderly.

Alexandria Gifts was established and built on a foundation of the desire to spread happiness and smiles. Our ambition is to break through the traditional mold and culture of gift giving. We are a gift giving service with a passion for helping others spread love and positive vibes. Our goal is to make people’s lives a little warmer and more cheerful this holiday season!

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