Why Flowers are the Perfect Timeless Gift for Valentine's Day

A simple and elegant expression that harmonizes perfectly with whatever gesture or occasion you are gifting for. The history of giving flowers as gifts can be dated back to the ancient Greeks when flowers were used as common offerings to gods and temples. 

Over time the practice of gifting flowers extended to a loving, romantic indication that the person receiving the flowers was revered as an earthly god or goddess. It’s no surprise that a tradition like this has lasted through the ages and is now associated with romantic holidays like Valentine's Day!

Understanding Which Flower to Pick 

Both hand-picked bunches from the wild or a professionally arranged bouquet can be equally beautiful and meaningful, but the type of flowers you are giving can have significant meaning.

Did you know that many mythologies and historical cultures have passed down tidbits of certain sentiments expressed with certain flowers? Camellia, carnation or chamomile, they all mean something different!

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Pair Your Flower With Our Valentine's Day Gift Baskets

Be sure to pair your Valentine's Day gift basket surprise with an elegant, romantic red rose. The timeless and traditional symbol of love and desire for the earthly god or goddess in your life!

At Alexandria Gift Baskets, we offer a plethora of beautiful and romantic Valentine's Day gift baskets in Toronto, that will make your celebration unforgettable.

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