The Most Romantic Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day 2020

Valentine's Day in itself comes from a mixture of various convoluted sources. From Christian martyrdom to dark Roman rituals to saints and the advent of spring. Thankfully today’s Valentine's Day celebrations are a bit less complicated! Today, Valentine Day is used to celebrate love with gift-giving and romance. Let's take a look at some of the most romantic gifts to give today.


What Gifts are the Most Romantic for Valentine's Day? 

With all the consumerist ideals polluting popular holidays, it’s hard to look beyond simple trending gift ideas. Valentine's Day directly identifies as a time to make lavish and luxurious purchases. Men are practically expected to buy expensive gold and diamond jewelry and make fancy reservations at high-end, fine dining restaurants.

The good news is that it’s perfectly acceptable to protest these traditional principles. You don’t have to break the bank to say, “I love you!” The latest coffee makers, earbuds and perfumes might be 2020’s most popular gift ideas, but there are many more romantic gift ideas out there - such as gift baskets in Toronto


Make Your Valentine's Day Cozy!

For those of you looking to take a step away from high-end consumerism but still enjoy an excuse to be romantic and share some love and intimacy this Valentine's Day, there are many fun and interesting gift ideas available! 

Instead of focusing on making the most loving impression with your purchase, focus on how to make a purchase that encourages and facilitates spending time together.

Not only can you save some money staying on this Valentine's Day, but it can make for a much more intimate holiday!

Instead of making reservations at a fancy restaurant, spend time cooking your favourite meal together and enjoy a romantic, candle-lit meal for two at home! Or forget about a night out in fancy clothing and stay at home in your pyjamas with a bottle of wine and your favourite snacks and Netflix! 

Why not add flowers to your Valentine's Day gift basket? (Click here to learn more about the history of flowers and Valentine's Day). It's best of both worlds! 

Millennials are changing the way we celebrate holidays, and high-end consumerism feels the sting; people are staying in more and spending less.

If you want to join the latest anti-trend and change the language of love for future generations, Alexandria Gift Baskets has got you covered!


Valentine's Day Gift Basket Full of Treats for Your Loved One

Cancel your reservations and browse our selection of Valentine's Day gift baskets in Toronto. Have a bottle of wine and a basket of quality chocolates and treats delivered directly to your door. You can always go a little fancier by ordering a spa in a basket

What’s romantic about booking an appointment for a loved one to spend time away from you all day? You can order a basket of luxurious, spa-quality soaps, oils and salts and pamper each other in ultimate home comfort.

Order a gift basket and enjoy spending time and creating new, romantic memories together in the comfort of your own home. 

They say love and romance are what you make of it.

This February 14th, Alexandria Gift Baskets challenges you to create the most romantic Valentine's Day yet! Start with our gift baskets and go from there! Good luck! 

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